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Moe Townsend
Artist / Graphic Designer

Get To Know Moe

My name is Moe Townsend. I am an artist and graphic designer. Self taught in all of my art endeavors. I work both digitally and physically. I make logos, flyers, album artwork, etc. digitally. Physically I do a lot of painting on clothing as well as just drawing and sketching.

Cartoons made me want to start doing art
. I started out just attempting to sketch cartoons I would see. Cartoons always gave me a sense of peace, and relaxation. No matter how upset, sad, or worried I was in life I knew I could watch cartoons and they would take my mind off what I am going through. 
Cartoons also teach us that it is okay to be different. Standing out is the best feeling for me when it comes to clothing. Having the same shoes, jacket or any piece of clothing others have, because it's popular, is boring to see. Why not buy something no one has and make it look good or even popular? 

I decided to start designing clothes so I can make things no one else has ever seen. I want people to feel like they are their most confident selves' in my clothing. I want people to know it's better to stand out than to fit-in. 

As Lil Uzi said "And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts." Colorful clothing lets that colorful aura and neon guts come to life in physical form. No matter how bright, dull, or dark the clothing is you choose to wear I always want you to feel like people are able to see that neon aura! 

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